Judge Carl Mugglin

Sunday Morning

West 55th Street

The philosophy of my portraiture painting is three fold:

1. To create a beautiful image that is accurate, sensual, romantic, natural, dynamic and narrative in subject and content. Structure and light are important to engage the viewer to seek more information about the client. The person(s) or subject must emerge from the canvas greater than life.

2. Information about the subject should be included in the context of the portrait, within a background or with various objects, to add a narrative timeline of the client. 

3. Portraits are the concept of the artist and an interpretation of the client. Any
suggestions by the client will be taken into consideration but not necessary utilized unless it benefits the concept of the portrait.

 The history of portraiture is well established and I create portraits in the style or manner of the 19th Century Academic and or Baroque period. I gravitate towards those two genres due the nature of their discretion and naturalistic finish. In my mind, these are the highest forms of painting that have ever existed. Most people spend a lifetime trying to achieve this level. I embellish my paintings to give each client the highest quality image to immortalize them within their timeline.

A portrait is a family heirloom, a priceless commodity, and an icon of the subject that becomes record of individual or group achievements. It is one of the highest honors to be painted by a prominent artist of those times. The respect between both parties should be mutual. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to immortalize my clients into the future. 

                                                                                          ~James Hoston

Gloria and Gracie


Young Boy


Portrait Painter